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Based on the name alone, we’d have thought might be a source for the latest movie star looks (and hopefully with no movie star budget needed). But while there is a celebrity focus, Shopflick actually is an outlet for indie (read: independent seller) fashion goods—connecting shoppers with indie sellers with an emphasis on—you may have guessed this—video. Plus you can create your own collections, share videos, and for sellers, create your own online store, use video commerce widgets, and more. Confused? Well, there’s a lot going on, but we’re going to sort it all out. We hope.

Our review: It took us a little while to get our heads around this site, because there really is so much going on. TOO MUCH GOING ON. But here’s the deal—there are two ways to use this site: as a shopper and as a seller. Looking around, the site is potentially a great way for indie sellers to get their goods out there. Not only are you listing items, but you can use video clips to tell sellers more about yourself and your products, giving you face time with a potentially limitless number of consumers. As a buyer, you have access to all kinds of cool, indie goods—even if you happen to live in the middle of the corn belt instead of New York City.

But, that being said, we’re budget shoppers, and while we always love a shot at something truly unique, can we afford it? Well let’s just say, overall, the stuff ain’t cheap. On the first page of “Women’s Clothing” we tally three dresses over $700. And a scarf for just under $600 (clearly we’re not at TJ Maxx anymore). On the same page, this Hera dress is listed on sale for $98, but the picture only shows the skirt (between waistline and knee-length hem, from what we can tell). Um, we’re just not feelin’ it. Time to find our way to the sale page, which we do . . . and find some slightly less painful pricetags, like this really hot Stop Staring! Vogue Glamour Blush dress, on sale for $119.25, which is slightly more palatable though still not cheap. And then there’s this Beard Head Knit Cap Pirate Edition, for $24.99. We have no idea what the point of this is, but at least it’s under $30. Sigh.

The verdict: We hate to say it, but for our purposes? Nay. Were we an indie vendor or high budget stylistas, we’d be on it like Lindsey Lohan on an energy drink—but as budget shoppers? In this economy? For the buyers, it’s good for a fun splurge but we just don’t have the disposable cash right now . . .

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