ShopaFrolic: Editorial That to Gets You to Spend

The Lowdown: Laura reviews the shopping site, Shopafrolic, where everyday three trendy fashion items are handpicked by the site’s editors.

Our Review: First the good. We love the idea of a fashion expert trolling the web and sharing their three favorite finds of the day – one clothing, one accessory, and one beauty. We also love that Shopafrolic founders Liz and Jane give their 2 cents on every find and that the site has guest editors, like Kim Kardashian, to give selection plenty of style cred.

Now for the bad. You can’t trust the site to find you the best deal. For starters, a Tory Burch dress was advertised for $425 on, but soon after, the dress went on sale for $297 on We’re not expecting the site’s editors to know when a sale is about to drop, but we are expecting them to find us something better and more affordable than something we’d find on our own. They didn’t even go back to update the listed price! Besides Shopafrolic’s beauty picks, most items featured on the site cost $100 and up. A little expensive for a spontaneous buy! Even the accessory picks are pricey, like this $695 tote.

But the most disheartening thing about the Shopafrolic experience is the lack of full disclosure. Guest editors include designers, which is to be expected, but guess what those designers are picking out for you to wear? Sometimes…their own stuff! Kara Ross was a guest editor around the same time this Kara Ross bracelet was featured. And that Tory Burch dress we talked about? Guess who’s also been a guest editor around the same time it was featured? Tory Burch. This seems more like advertising than straightforward style advice, but since Shopafrolic doesn’t address it anywhere on the site, we’re left guessing.

Shopafrolic also offers up a “buy, don’t buy” section, where editors give advice on an item a user is struggling to wear the right way. While this section is insightful, it’s only updated once or twice a month. The Tips and Trends section is even more useless, as it’s just a generic list of tips like “go bare legged all year long.” Yeah, thanks a lot.

Our Verdict: There’s plenty of hope for Shopafrolic – who wouldn’t want a style-savvy insider’s take on what to wear? However, the guest editors are nothing to get too excited about, and when it comes down to it: Shopafrolic won’t save you from fashion faux-pas or credit card debt any time soon.