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We talk a lot about pieces and cut, but the unsung hero of every style season is color. Once you’ve read about the season’s most desirable hues here at The Budget Fashionista, head over to Yahoo! Shopping and try out their new “Shop by Color” feature.

It’s simple, really: you know that one of the hot colors for Spring ’08 is spring crocus, a deep lavender, so search for your item (a dress, for example) and then click the color block for “lavender.” Voila! Lavender dresses at your fingertips. The color match is good overall, though some went horribly awry. A search under the red Yahoo! has dubbed “cinnamon” turned up a purple jersey dress, among other things, and a search in “salmon” (not recommended, by the way) brought a baby blue bra and panty set front and center. Hmmm.


We can’t vouch for the trendiness of the items you find, of course, but if you’re reading this, we’re sure you can trust your inner fashionista to make the right selections.

To see for yourself, click here.

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