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What: We’ve got a special place in our heart reserved for H&M, and now that we may be able to shop for our favorite diffusion lines and trends online…well, we’re in love. Rumor has it that H&M will launch an online storefront for the US. To date, Americans have to purchase everything in store.

What They Say:

H&M would prove to be stiff competition for some of our favorite online vendors, such as Forever21, Topshop, and especially Urban Outfitters, as the potential site could not only serve up its affordable styles, but their covetable accessories as well.

What We Say: Watch out Forever 21, you’ve got company! This could be the great “fashion equalizer”, as we all know that the type of merchandise available at H&Ms vary widely between locations. We’re way excited about this possibility, but we’ll wait to jump for joy until everything’s confirmed.

Are you a big H&M fan but you don’t live near a store?

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  1. anitajob says

    Finally!!!!  I am so excited, can’t wait to shop online.  We had H&M when I lived in Cleveland, but not in Houston where I live now.

  2. EmilyKennedy says

    I have been praying for an online H&M store!  They don’t have a real shop anywhere near Lawrence, KS.  And hello, if I only have a little bit of money to spend on clothes, do they really think I’m going to spend money on two tanks of gas to get to their stores?  I hope it happens.

  3. JustMe says

    Yes!  I have been waiting for this for so long.  I don’t live near a store but I always try to stop by when go out of state.  Can’t wait!

  4. says

    Thank the stars!!! I just sqeeled with joy… I’m sooo happy. I live 300 miles away from the nearest H&M. Yeeeeee – no words – Just awsome!!!

  5. Fashionista23 says

    Oh YAY! Sometimes I try to get an idea of what’s in store/prices of items by either going to their Sweden site (which is obviously impossible to navigate) or I use that Virtual Dressing Room thing…I hope this actually goes through!

  6. Alena says

    Yes! I avoid F21 like the plague! Their stuff may look cute, but the only things worth buying are the plain camis or t shirts b/c the rest of the stuff is cheap, low quality crap. It’s a cheap ‘teen’ shop. I love H&M b/c their stufff is still very affordable, mature, and Great Quality. I’ve had a swaeter from there for 3 years and it still looks new. Plus, their clothes look very European and you won’t ever run into the problem of having the girl in class wearing the exact same sweater you’re wearing.

  7. Leah B. says

    Yes I am very much a fan!  I hope they do come out with the online shop.  I live in Texas and I think the closet store is in Atlanta.  I’m excited!  Can’t wait!

  8. Facebook user says

    The opportunity to shop with H&M online is fabulous! I see their items in all the magazines. I can’t wait to see the Jimmy Choo shoe line.

  9. Ista says

    Are you frickin kiddin me?!?!? I always have to to go to Chicago every year just to shop there! This is fantastic news!!! I just hope its forreal!

  10. Alexa says

    YESSSSSS…can’t wait! I’m a faithful buyer but the closest store is 2 hours away. I am soooo ready to shop online!!!!

  11. Alyx says

    I found out about H&M when I recently went to Las Vegas and came across that fabulous store in the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. I live in Utah and it’s about a six hour drive to get there so I hope they get an online store. I love it already!!!

  12. ladawn sloan says

    Yess finally they make a store that taylors to out needs. I like to take a fashion risk and make it my own:D I dont like people to be like everyone else:/ This store gives you the option to mix and max different types of outfits. Forever 21 i think that its jus a store for younger girls. H&m takes it to a level for older teens and women who want something that looks our age.:)))

  13. hayley says

    it is very frustrating that you cant shop online still for this store because i want alot form H&M and shopping would expand their buissness! it said they coulding transport clothes to other countries that werent listed on the online shopping availibility list. But how do they send the clothes to our stores? it’s disappoiinting.

  14. Angel says

    Thank You GOD! My favorite store, I’m so deadly over F21 and the next h&m store from my school is four hours away! Now if they have more US stores, H&M will completely demolish the competition!

  15. Marcia says

    I’d love to buy h&m clothes online. I see these post is from 2009, when will the fashionistas be able to shop online?

  16. Hannah says

    Three years later, STILL WAITING.
    I think this has been rumored for a while.. I contacted them a few months ago, and they said they have no plans at the moment of making online shopping available to the US..

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