Shop Green: Go Green

Say you’re in the mood to spend a load of money because, crisis schmisis. Even if you have the urge to splurge on all green appliances, check out before you hit your big box home store.

Shop has a special green shop where they offer discounted dishwashers and window units while promoting push mowers and butterfly habitats. And while you’d really have to be on crack to throw down nine g’s for the solar powered golf cart in this economy, the compost caddy for twenty bucks will put you on the affordable road to green living.

Other fun things to do at Shop that don’t involve shopping at all include taking the poll to find out how your green smarts stack up and checking out the tips. Green tips. Many of which you can find in other awesome places – but still, we love a handy list to get the brain moving in the right direction.

And don’t leave the site without checking out the latest Green Goodie. This week – Lava Buns. You’ll just have to trust us that this is an eco-friendly product — and not our stripper name.

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