Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Where to Shop

Ladies, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  We can’t get enough of the support this time of year, from pink blouses to informative seminars.   In addition to walks/runs, screenings and fundraising efforts galore, tons of stores are also doing their share to raise awareness.  Many donate a portion to the cause (shout out to Kohl’s, where 100% of certain items’ profit supports the fight against breast cancer).  Love it!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the perfect time for us to reflect and stay on top of our health and that of loved ones.  While a lot of us many not be able to donate a significant amount or be physically able to take part in a run, we can show our commitment through our style.  By purchasing some awesome fashion and beauty products, we can do our part to raise breast cancer awareness and look great in the process – not just in October, but all the time.   How great is that?

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with These Stylish Accessories

We found some very affordable beauty and fashion accessories that keep us looking fab while sending out the messages of hope and health.

[imagebrowser id=1056]

How are you getting involved to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness?  What items here will you buy?

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