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The Deal: Save up to 30% off select styles during the Modern Workwear Event at Banana Republic

The Lowdown: We talk a lot about sprucing up the basics you already have as way to stay up-to-date on a budget, but let’s face it—every now and again, those basics need replacing too. So with 30% off workwear at Banana Republic, now is the time to evaluate what you’re ready to update (and don’t forget to donate your old pieces to someplace like Goodwill).

The key—stick with needs and not wants. You might gravitate towards that cool mandarin-collar jacket (and it is pretty chic) but if what you really need is a basic black blazer, the more classic choice would be this black jacket for $138.50. Pair it with this lightweight wool A-line skirt for $55.30, add a great colored blouse that you already own, and you’re set for a couple seasons to come …

Shop: Banana Republic

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