A Party For Your Feet: Fun Shoes From Modcloth


The Deal: Vintage & indie party shoes from Modcloth.com

The Lowdown: Now that we’ve amassed a stupid number of dresses from Modcloth (okay, most of them are in our imaginary shopping life, but still) we’ve found that our footwear, especially the dressy I-want-to-feel-like-a-starlet kind, is sorely lacking. Well, as usual, Modcloth has thought of everything — and our resistance is low.

Our best budget tip for today? Even if you couldn’t quite swing the new dress for the season, an amazing standout pair of festive heels will give new life to that oh-so-dependable little black dress — or even dark denim and a cute top — and cost you a whole lot less. Here, we’re featuring our six favorite pairs (today).

Shop: ModCloth.com

Our Picks:

Party Shoes

1. Doe Deere Heel, $39.99

2. Amazing Lace Heel, $39.99

3. Fireworks At Midnight Heel, $37.99

Party Shoes

4. Gold & Brazen Heel, $37.99
5. Hometown Reunion Heel, $37.99
6. Everlasting Emerald Heel, $49.99

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