My Shoephoria Site Review

We recently checked out a site called My Shoephoria for all us women with a jumbled shoe collection. Here’s what we found.

Our Review: This site is basically a digital representation of your physical shoe collection that you can share on various social networks. It’s pretty simple to create – You add various categories by shoe type and upload images for each of your shoes within these categories. You can enter size, color, the whole shebang as well as browse other shoe collections by fellow users.

Okay, we’ve got that down. Now, the point, please? We love the idea of an organized shoe closet, but that’s a battle we’ve yet to win in our own home, let alone in a digital catalogue. Have you organized yours shoes by color, make, date of purchase, etc.? Maybe. If you’ve done this and have a sense of pride that compels you to share your diligence with the world, then this is the site for you. Yet we can’t help but wonder how many women actually care about other shoe collections from women they don’t know (who are normal women, AKA not celebrities with extravagant shoes that we can drool over).

The bottom line is we personally wouldn’t spend much time on this site. After all, as disorganized as our shoes are, we know what we have and we don’t really care what other women have. Unless, of course, they’re our friends and excellent sharers.

Verdict: We’ll pass. If we’re going to tackle our shoe collection, it’s going to be in real life.