Site Review

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. A woman can never have enough so whenever we come across a new discount shopping site, we have to check it out — and then dish on the details. It’s what we do.

Our Review: Upon first click at, we were hopeful that we’d found another great way to buy designer footwear at a steep discount. The site seems to work in a fashion similar to other online discount sites, like Gilt Group, where various sales are featured at different times allowing consumers access to a particular designer, but for much cheaper than you’d find in stores.

But Shoeaficianado doesn’t simply feature great footwear at a discount, but also aims to keep shoppers updated on what designers are saying, and what people are wearing on the street, and allow them to ask a stylist for shoe wardrobe advice. We did like the posts they had so far, but there weren’t many.

We perused all of these features for a while and frankly, the site is a little sparse. There seemed to be only one sale coming up, with a few pairs of shoes and not many blog posts for the want-to-be-educated shopper to consume. Basically the site seems to be bare bones right now, but if it were further populated, we think it could be a cool place to go to shop and learn.

Verdict: Call us when the site is updated with more content … then we’ll talk.