What to Buy Spring 2007: The Shirt Dress



The cotton shirt dress (along with the baby doll/trapeze dress) is the dress to buy for spring/summer. This versatile can be worn both to the office as well as to summer events like weddings, all with the change of shoes and bags.

  • Shirt dressDropwaist shirtdress, $69.99 to 79.99 at Spiegel.com (available in Petite and Plus).
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  1. sara says

    I’m a plus size gal, generally an 18 with a rather large bust (38H).  I love these shirt dresses but I don’t think they’re right for me, and I doubt the baby dolls are either (though I have fond memories of such dresses from 8th and 9th grade).  I generally shy away from dresses because I feel very self-conscious about my legs.  Is it now “okay” to wear leggings under dresses?  Just certain types of dresses?  I’ve heard all types of opinions on the pants under dresses trend, but aren’t leggings mostly tights without feet?  Is it a certain length of legging that is okay (those cropped ones above would make my calves look ginormous but ankle length ones are probably fine).  I’m really trying to shift okay of my everything black, stretchy and baggy stage into clothes that are more flattering and I really need some HELP.


  2. Delilah Pearl says

    I LOVE shirt dresses!!! I am petite, with a curvy figure. I always buy them a size up, then have it altered for the perfect fit. It’s nothing worst than an ill fitting shirt dress!!! I love TBF for keeping me informed in everything fashion, MUCH LOVE 😉

  3. leymah says

    I love the shirtdresses, and I’ve been wanting to wear them for a while.  One problem: I am a swimmer, so my arms/shoulders are pretty big, and the short sleeves on these dresses are SO TIGHT and uncomfortable!!  Does anyone have any fave stores that sell shirtdresses with roomier sleeves?  Otherwise, they are super-cute and figure-flattering for me (the short ones show off my legs perfectly).  If I could find some that were more comfortable, I would probably wear them all summer! HELP!

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