This Just In: Sequel to Sex and the City in the Works

What: Plans for a second Sex and the City movie are in early development, according to Entertainment Weekly. Discussions have begun, but there are no concrete deals nor a script.

What We Say: The characters’ lives wrapped up perfectly in the first movie that we didn’t realize a sequel was even a possibility. We’re excited. But since nothing is definite yet, we’re not letting our hopes get too high—it’s not even on IMDB yet. But the prospect has already jump-started daydreams and fantasies about the clothes, the shoes, the purses, all of which would naturally have to trump the fashion in the first movie, if that’s even possible.


Do you think this is a bad idea? Will the character’s lives become too far fetched if their stories continue to a second movie?

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  1. salliesniece says

    Woo hoo, I love SATC and though I liked the movie it wasn’t as great as I had hoped (a little depressing actually) and I would love to spend another two hours with my favorite gals from NYC.

  2. says

    I would love to see a SATC2 just to see the incredible fashion, but everything ended so perfectly in the first one.  What could the second one possible be about, SJP having a baby?  Would we really want to see THAT?

  3. Target-Addict says

    This news actually bums me out a bit.  Although I liked the movie OK, I think it pales in comparison to the TV series. I’ve been watching the re-runs and I’d forgotten how perfectly the series wrapped up —with Samantha still hooked up with Smith, and Carrie finally ending up with Mr. Big—that I don’t think the first movie was really necessary.  Fun, perhaps, but a bit contrived—throwing a monkey wrench between Carrie/Big and breaking up Sam and Smith after being devoted to each other for so long.  A second movie would be overkill.

  4. Denisethepoet says

    If a sequel is to be made, I think it should be set several years into the future, perhaps far enough that Charlotte’s and Miranda’s children are pretty grown up, and the girls are facing a completely different stage of life…that might be interesting.

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