Sewing, Fish Bowls, Green Reading: The Budget Ecoist

Check out these green tips from our blog, The Budget Ecoist!

—Save loads on money by sewing clothes. Whether you alter clothes you already own or buy bolts of fabric and make your own, it saves money and the re-using saves the environment. If you don’t own a sewing machine, head to a local studio. They often offer lessons and space for you to sew. Learn where to go in this post.


—We all know that fish don’t have very long lifespans, and those empty fish bowls often lie around in the basement, gathering dust. Be creative and re-use your fish tank for different decorative purposes. Of course, being the fashionistas we are, we’d probably stuff it with hair ties or beauty products, but The Budget Ecoist has prettier suggestions.

—Check out The Budget Ecoist’s list of the top 20 green blogs. We all work together to provide eco-friendly tips to the everyday citizen.

Looking for more eco-friendly tips? Head to The Budget Ecoist!

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