Sequins: How to Shine This New Year’s Eve


While the sheen of satin has been hot in recent months (for day and night) this New Year’s, it appears there might be a fresh way to dazzle (outside of your glowing personality, of course)—with sequins. This is not your 80s prom nightmare sequins (or maybe that’s just Kathryn and Angela’s prom nightmare) though – it’s a smoother, more shimmery look you’re going for here, on garments with clean easy lines that let the sequins do the talking. Our picks for less:

1. Fiona Sequin Dress, $59.50, Delia’s

2. Sequin Mini Dress, $34.99, Charlotte Russe

3. Sequin Sprinkle Dress, $27.80,

4. Sequin Dress, $49, Twelve by Twelve

5. Women’s Sequined Racerback Dress, $49.50, Old Navy

6. Sequin Soiree Dress, $27.80, Forever21

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