How to Sell Your Gift Cards


5. The site then give you a pre-paid label to print out, paste on the front of an envelope and mail.

6. 5-7 business days later, you receive your check (be careful, the checks can look a bit like junk mail)

Make sure to compare the difference between top gift card sites to see which one will give you the best deal on your cards. These exchanges make their money in the difference between what they buy the card for and what they sell it for online, which is less than the actual value of the card. So the more popular the store, the more money you make.

Stores that Sell Well on Gift Card Exchanges

These stores are the most popular gift cards on the gift card exchanges, which means that their cards tend to sell for more than 85% of the actual value of the card (ex: a $100 gift card to Best Buy would sell for at least $85)

Best Buy (the KING of the Gift card exchange)
Home Depot
Banana Republic
Lands End

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