Selecting Bed Sheets: Entertaining on a Budget

You want your guests to be comfortable in your guest room, but are stymied by all the different types of bed sheets available today. Pima, cotton, bamboo, hemp … and then there are the thread counts, which are supposed to be an indicator of quality, but are actually a voluntary standard for the textiles industry, and might not mean what the packaging says. What’s a person to do?

If you’re in the market for new sheets for your bed or your guest’s, keep these factors in mind.

Tips for Selecting Bedsheets

Thread count is the number of threads per square inch. This should correlate to the price of the sheets; that is, a 1,500 thread count sheet is not going to sell for under $149.99 a set. Also keep in mind that less expensive sheets are more prone to shrinking. Higher thread counts also mean softer, more durable fabric, which can save you money in the long run. For good wear softness, choose a thread count above 250; for crisper sheets, select a 200-300 thread count.

Look for sheets that do not require ironing. Enough said.

Feel the sheets before you buy them – do they feel smooth and free of snags? Does the fabric feel soft to the touch?

Wait for a sale. Department and specialty stores often have white sales, where you’ll get the best deals on sheets and other linens. Don’t purchase sheets online unless you’ve already seen them in person first, or you may be disappointed with the color, style or quality.

Photo by Dru McPherson

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  1. CaitlinV says

    I have tried this before and would offer the following tips
    1) Iron the fabric beforehand
    2) If you can’t get the fabric to adhere well to the backing or it wrinkles when you try to hang it try either spray starch, fusible interfacing or even a plain old gluestick.

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