Scrabfabulous: Recycle This

In addition to the warm fuzzy you’ll get by supporting a small business, some of the greenest fashion and home designers have put out their placards at the DIY/crafty/artsy Etsy. For example, Amazon Creations from Texas took their old game night games and created superfly jewelry. These custom made earrings created out of scrabble pieces are re-fashioned for pierced ears, and you get to pick the letters!

You can go for your initials, or be very minimalist and choose the ‘blank’ option. Oooh, mysterious. Before ordering check through a convo to see if your fave letters are in stock. Currently the good people at Amazon Creations warn us that they are fresh out of Fs and Us. Which makes us wonder how many irate people peruse Etsy. And even though the décor part of the jewelry is recycled, the findings are made of surgical steel – no cheap-o pushpins for your sensitive ears. The craziest part of this recycled redux is that all of this style will only set you back four buckaroos.

Amazon Creations also crafted red LEGO earrings if you want to revert even further back into your childhood. Also, for a cool four dollars a pair. (We’re pretty sure it costs five times that to get even the smallest set of Duplos.)

Yet another eco-product found while checking out the awesome Etsy community. These sets will be the least expensive birthday presents you ever buy, and certainly one of a kind. Double fab score!

image courtesy Amazon Creations

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