Schick Quattro for Women: Product Review

What: Christiana takes the Schick Quattro, $9.19, for a test drive in the shower. Four thin blades, two conditioning strips, and a promise that you can “skip a day or two.”

The Lowdown: The stubble on my legs has a tendency to return faster than I’d prefer, so I was dubious when I saw the commercials for this razor. For me, skipping is only possible with painful wax treatments. But then I started using the Quattro. I barely felt the four blades glide over my skin, and I wondered if it was even doing anything. It’s somewhat hard to grip the handle, which was irritating considering I tried to be as precise as possible. When I go out of the shower, though, I ran my hands over my legs—they were, excuse the cliche, satiny smooth. I can without a doubt say that this was the closest shave I’ve ever had. Plus, my legs didn’t have that raw feeling they do after shaving sometimes, due to the aloe and Vitamin E on the conditioning strips.

I decided to give it a chance and skip shaving the next day. Although I didn’t have the same perfect smoothness, I was more than able to wear a skirt without worry. I’ll be sad when the extra razor strips run out and I have to buy refills—they’re a little pricey at $9.99 for four.

Yea or Nay: Yea, absolutely. I think the Quattro is my new go-to razor.

Buy It: Schick Quattro for Women, $9.19.

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