Yea or Nay: Scarlett hearts RBK: Scarlett Johansson’s Line with Reebok

Unlike some of the other celebrity endorsed lines, I can actually see Scarlett wearing some of the items from her pricey ($90 bucks for a sweatshirt.. I didn’t like Lost in Translation THAT much) line with Reebok. But still… when will the celebrity endorsed clothing lines stop? What’s next.. A line of undergarments by Britney Spears?

Yea or Nay: Scarlett Hearts RBK Line
View the entire Scarlett Hearts RBK Line

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  1. Samantha says

    What kills me about celebrity-endorsed clothing lines is that I bet they [Madonna, Scarlett, etc] had very little to do with the actual designing. I’m sure it’s just their name stamped on there to try and sell.

    Regardless, as someone who doesn’t wear running/tennis shoes EVER, it’s a big step for me to say that those are actually pretty cute. I like the colours, and the little heart. They are an athletic shoe I might consider if it weren’t for the price and my being a poor college student.

    You’re right, though. I am over celebrity clothing lines, about as much as I am celebrities taking the place of the Model on the covers of fashion mags. Even though celebrities play a big role in fashion marketing and such, I want to say to them “you guys have your own place! Let fashion keep theirs.”

  2. Lyza says

    I think the majority of these celebrity [endorsed] fashion lines are just advertising scams.

    However, I’m loving this line.  I’ll definitely try to persuade my parents into buying me those aztec sneakers.

  3. Charmaine says

    I am so tired of these celebrities coming out with they’re own clothing line. Hard working and talented people deserve to be recognized. Not those who are already famous!

  4. jj says

    I think some of it’s really cute, though I’m not so fond of the colors.  I might buy the hoodie in grey though. 

    Undergarmets by Britney?  Come on, she doesn’t wear any!  We’ve all seen the pictures!

  5. jr says

    I say Yay.  The tunic is really cute, and some of the sneakers are nice.  The sweatpants with cuffs on the bottom leave a little to be desired. Overall the line is kind of 70s workout kitch but done in a femme way, so I approve.  And is it really priced higher than most workout gear?  I think those prices are competitive.  (unfortunately)

  6. says

    I think the shoes are ugly. They look like someone converted a clown outfit and made it into a sneaker.
    I guess if I was seven, they’d be great. But I’m an adult, and while I like a little whimsy and cuteness to my clothes, I believe the circus print is a little much.

    The clothes in the line are exactly like every other women’s athletic line I’ve seen. The only difference here is that there’s a big “Heart” logo (ScaJo’s logo for Reebok) on the shoes, shirts, and pants.

    Sick of celebs throwing their names around on clothes, shoes, and bags? I’d dead from it.  It has killed me.  I have died from Overexposure Celebrititis. Please, attend my funeral and bring fashion magazines with models, clothes that aren’t by J.Lo or SJP or ScaJo or whoever…I want to be buried in regular designer clothes, regular designer shoes (none of that stuff by Jessica Simpson)…all picked from the bargain bins at Feline’s Basement…

  7. Petite Plz says

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think any of her design is cute? Yes, I can see her wearing all these clothes, and they’re not ugly. They’re just average.  Stuff you buy out of necessity, not its appeal. (And since when was Scarlett known for her style?) A big Nay from me. You’re right, celebs need to stop doing this! Let the real designers do the job!!

  8. Rachel says

    Its cute. I’m also tired of all the celebrity lines. I don’t like the way half of them dress so why would I want to dress like them? That being said the line is cute but I don’t pay $90 for 1 piece of my workout uniform.

  9. Amber says

    Nay, a big nay.  The line isn’t very cute, and those shoes are horrid.  I think that maybe a teenage girl or even maybe someone in their very early 20s could pull off the look, but only just maybe.

  10. Jessica says

    i say Nay. the stuff is only borderline cute (with the exception of the sneakers) and waaaaaaaaay overpriced. but you can’t expect celebrities to come up with fair pricing……….they get everything for free!!!

  11. annah says

    I COULD see her wearing them, but they’re so boring. For 90 dollar I would atleast except to get something pretty cute. I do like the red and white tee, but it’s too expensive and nothing special.

  12. anna says

    i’m not someone who is cheap when it comes to my clothes that i wear out in the world… but i just use my old clothes that aren’t good enough to wear out in the world and the ugly baggy pullovers that people gave me as gifts… I mean, I never could understand when ppl paid good money for workout wear and a pittance for their bra and panties.

  13. coco_fiere says

    I’m not impressed.  ScaJo is one of the young starlets without a regular stylist who needs one. She regularly fails to impress me with her personal style.  I’d prefer to see what Rachel Bilson or Eva Mendes would come up with since they’re stylish in a more believable way. And even though Joy Bryant works with a stylist, she seems to manage to put her own stamp on what they put on her. Besides, why waste that much dough on “workout” clothes?  LOL!

  14. megan says

    wow that line is less than spectacular. Can we say boring. I could have done that with my eyes closed. There is nothing original about it. Somebody should have probably hired a true designer not some random actress who thinks she has talent.

  15. cadi says

    As a big sneaker-head, the shoes are pretty unimpressive.  The line feels like Reebok is trying to pull a Bape, where they just use the brightest colors possible and mark up the price 300% on an old/established design.

  16. says

    I think this whole celebrity-driven fashion trend needs to stop, NOW. It’s my understanding that all these endorsements started because the fashion industry was having way too much trouble with their standard-issue fashion models becoming supermodels and becoming a resource strain, so they switched over to celebs because they were easier resources to work with. Add in the celebrity worship angle, and you get marketing overkill.

  17. lulu says

    NAY! Overpriced average clothes. If I have to, I could find those for so much less, why waste my money? These clothes are almost as overrated and boring as the actress herself.

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