The “It” Scarves

What: The scarf has emerged as the unlikely diva of the spring and summer season as variations of this once-ignored wardrobe item continue to proliferate the fashion world.

What NYTimes says: For so long, fashion was about the “it” bag and the “it” shoe. But as Katherine Danneberg, the divisional merchandise manager for shoes and accessories at Anthropologie, said, “It’s definitely about an ‘it’ scarf now.” Or, more precisely, a flurry of “it” scarves, some boasting labels like Missoni, Etro, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen. In kaleidoscopic colors and patterns — tribal motifs, overblown peonies, cheetah spots, abstract skulls and awning stripes — they’re eye candy for a new generation. Not since the pashmina rage a dozen or more years ago have scarves made such a splash.

What we say: We wrote about a while back about Kathryn’s turban obsession. Finally, retailers have realized the versatility, not to mention usefulness, of scarves. It’s such a multi-tasker that it can be worn as a headwrap, sarong, muffler, maxi dress, and even as a protective gear. And because they’re usually made of light materials, they’re perfect for summer. According to the NYTimes article, scarves are now showcased as highlights, unlike before when they were just marketed on the side. It’s definitely easier for fashionistas on a budget to stock up on scarves of different colors and design since they’re more affordable than shoes and bags.

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    Such a timely post! I was getting dressed this morning and went for a scarf. Then I paused and though, it’s 90 degrees. Can I get away with this? And guess what I decided… Heck yes I can! Threw on some of my handmade earrings and I’m sitting pretty today. Never underestimate the power of a scarf and something pretty from your ears to make a ho-hum outfit cute.

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