Say Sp-aah: Beauty Trend

What: Indulging in some DIY spa treatments with your girlfriends before the big night has become a pre-prom ritual.

The Word: Half the fun of prom is beautifying beforehand with your best buds, but according to, it doesn’t have to break the bank: “Let the gazillionaires head to their fancy spas — all you have to do is head to the kitchen.“

Our Word: You’ve spent enough on your dress, your shoes and your limo, why waste any more cash on a pre-prom facial when you can do it yourself, and have fun with your friends at the same time? Here is an exfoliating and moisturizing recipe listed on the PromSpot site called the Honey Cleansing Scrub that we are loving:
1 Tablespoon honey
2 Tablespoon finely ground almonds
½ teaspoon lemon juice
Once you mix all the above ingredients together, gently rub it onto your face. Not only will the honey quench your skin, but the almonds will slough off dead skin cells and the lemon juice will help red skin blotches go buh-bye. Sounds good enough to eat!


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