Saving Energy with Your Dishwasher: Green Home

Depending on how you wash dishes by hand or your habits when using a dishwasher, either can be considered green. But for the purpose of this post, we’re going to give you a few good (read: easy) tips to help you be more environmentally-friendly when using your dishwasher.

1. Use an Energy Star dishwasher. It’s and easy choice if you’re in the market to purchase a new dishwasher.  Energy Star appliances don’t cost any more, and they’ll save you money to boot!

2. Use an energy-saving cycle, such as the ECOACTIONâ„¢ feature on Bosch dishwashers which adjusts water temperature and cycle length for optimal efficiency, allowing you to reduce energy usage by up to 25%.

3. Two words: air dry.  Most new dishwashers will have a no-heat air dry feature.  If your’s doesn’t, simply turn your dishwasher off after the final rinse cycle.

4. Stock the washer full.  If you’re going to take the time, water and energy to do the dishes…wait until you’ve got a full load before hitting that button. If you don’t have enough dishes to account for a full load you need to start cooking more. It’s that simple!  =)

5. No need to waste water with a pre-rinse.  Most dishwashers can handle the grime. Believe us…we’ve tested this theory maaaaaaaaaany times!

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