Save 15% at dELiA*s With Code

The Deal: 15% off your entire order at dELiA*s: Use code WINTER. Save 15% at dELiA*s With Code

The Lowdown: While dELiA*s (ahem, a note to dELiA*s marketing department: seriously, do you have any idea how annoying it is to have to type it that way??) isn’t a store for everyone (some of us have, oh, thighs) but if you’re junior sized, it actually is a go-to mostly-budget-friendly stop. Save 15% off your order right now using the code WINTER, and we say take advantage of the extra savings to get winter clearance items you can still use now even cheaper.

Um, at the risk of sounding like we’re part of the dELiA*s marketing department (and if we were, that font is the first thing we’d change), we kind of fell in love with this Logan Hooded Peacoat, on sale now for $79.50, but truly, it’s a great value being that it’s lined with thinsulate (which, we know from first-hand experience, is really the only way to go when it gets really cold), not to mention that detachable cozy faux-fur-edged hood.

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