SATC Look for Less: Miranda

We have a soft spot for Miranda’s style because, out of all of the Sex and the City ladies, she’s the one who’s come the farthest, fashion-wise. She started off stiff and schlubby, and through the course of the show transformed into fashionista that all professional, high-powered women (and those aspiring to be) could get behind. Here, a Sex and the City movie look from the new and improved Miranda, for less of course.

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  1. Budget Babe says

    love it! the limited edition line of bags at target is really impressive in person. and that maggy london dress you found is spot on.

  2. Anonymous says

    I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure the dress on Miranda actually is this Maggy London dress—so, see? SATC girls aren’t always clad in high end designer duds . . . and budget-friendly fashion can be super chic. As if you didn’t already know that . . .

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