Sarah Palin Wardrobe Challenge

Governor Sarah Palin’s New Wardrobe

– 6 Suits
– 2 Blazers
– 1 winter coat
– 6 Dresses (three business, 3 cocktail)
– 2 pairs of jeans
– 1 jean skirt
– 1 causal jacket
– 7 pairs of shoes


Total Cost: $2481.15


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  1. kchristieh says

    Great choices! I noticed the Ann Taylor outfit in the upper left right away: I’d almost chosen it for my similar posting on this subject. (see I love how you chose a whole wardrobe. I added clothing from CAbi, which is sold through private parties, but I know a few Republican CAbi reps. Also, I added J.Jill, but they’re not formal enough for most things Palin would need.

  2. JulianaM says

    Awesome!  I love how you even managed to sneak in some “hockey mom” gear into the mix… HA!  Very creative!

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