Sarah Palin Wardrobe Challenge

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After news broke yesterday about Governor Sarah Palin’s rather large clothing expenditures, a friend sent me an email, challenging me to build a complete, Vice Presidential candidate worthy, wardrobe for Governor Sarah Palin for less than $2,500.  Now $2500 is more than I spend on clothing all year, but she IS a VP candidate, not a budget shopper like myself.

The rules:
– enough suit/dress options to last at least two weeks on the campaign trail
– must include shoes that were of quality and comfortable
– the items had to come from stores that a Hockey/Football/Basketball/Baseball Mom would shop (so no Saks, Neiman, Barneys, unless it’s their outlet stores)
– the clothing had to fit Governor Palin’s personal style (the Governor loves her some red)
– Everything had to be quality and could be worn on television (which meant patterns, stores like Payhalf and F21, were pretty much out of the picture)

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  1. kchristieh says

    Great choices! I noticed the Ann Taylor outfit in the upper left right away: I’d almost chosen it for my similar posting on this subject. (see I love how you chose a whole wardrobe. I added clothing from CAbi, which is sold through private parties, but I know a few Republican CAbi reps. Also, I added J.Jill, but they’re not formal enough for most things Palin would need.

  2. JulianaM says

    Awesome!  I love how you even managed to sneak in some “hockey mom” gear into the mix… HA!  Very creative!

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