Sarah Palin Moose Tote: Get It

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What: Sarah Palin’s much bally-hooed, eco-friendly, pro-hunting moose tote

The Lowdown: Moose hunting? Well, here at TBF we don’t have a whole lot of experience in that arena; however, we’re all about being eco-friendly. If you love Sarah Palin (or just kinda think women hunting moose is cool) you’ll be pleased to know that this “Real Women Hunt Moose” tote is available to you for a very budget price—just $15.99. Use it for school, work, groceries, whatever, and be ready to respond to lots of comments from Palin lovers, and others . . .

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  1. hershel says

    how is a bag with a message like this ‘eco-friendly’? is there anything ‘friendly’ about things which make light of violence? how embarrassing. it’s enough to make me stop reading this blog.

  2. Haute Haute Haute says

    Are you joking?  Not only is she not qualified to be vice-president, she’s certainly not someone any self-respecting woman should want to emulate!  Pit bull in lipstick?  The dogs should be insulted!

  3. says

    While you may disagree with Ms. Palin’s political views, this blog is for EVERYONE and while we love Michelle Obama’s style, we can’t deny that Mrs. McCain and Govenor Palin are also stylish women. If that means you stop reading the blog, we hate to see you go, but perhaps this isn’t the right blog for you

  4. cmcgonigle says

    I agree with Harshel and Haute. Unfortunately for you Miss “Budget Fashionista” when you are a ‘public’ figure anything you do, say, or write in your case can and will affect your fans, followers, readers, etc. and sometimes offend them. Perhaps you should consider being a tad more sensitive to keep your fans happy. After all it is because of them you are still around.

  5. T-Rex says

    What is fashionable about hunting moose, wolves, or bears from helicopters? The whole idea makes me sick. The fact that you can make light of it on your blog is even more disturbing.

    No, this isn’t the fashion blog for me.

  6. Bahesmama says

    No thanks.  That lady is a joke.  I don’t want to be anything like her!  Hunt moose?  Give me a break.  Didn’t they just find her guilty of violating ethics charges?

  7. Anonymous says

    Thanks for your comments hershel and Haute Haute Haute! We just want to take this moment to note that we are an equal-opportunity fashion blog, and we take no political stands here (except maybe on the whole Crocs issue)—we feature, and welcome, all style viewpoints!

  8. Hiddensmiles21 says

    Oh my word. Calm down. Are you really going to write off an entire SHOPPING blog for one post about a political canidate’s personal style? Really!?! We scream intolerance when we are being attacked but when doing the attacking…funny how that changes. For those of you who clearly can’t read, this was a simple post about a tote bag. There have been many a mention of the democratic canidate’s style also. People never cease to amaze me. Classy, ladies, very classy.

  9. gina2328 says

    This is in very poor taste.  Fashion and political statements should be kept separate, not sure how this is being neutral?  How about removing this and all political fashion commentary from your website?

  10. says

    I truly understand that this is a highly charged elections and I do really thrive to keep the political commentary to a minimum, but the fact is that these powerful women (Plain, Obama, and McCain) are heavily influencing fashion AND shopping (hello: Mrs. O’s dress on the View? Wearing dresses from H&M;?). I can’t tell you how many press interviews I’ve done regarding the impact of this election on style. It’s perhaps the first time that women politicians are being allowed to be women and look great. I think that is something we can all celebrate regardless of our political affiliation.

    And since we’ve featured Mrs. O numerous times, it’s only fair to feature Governor Palin and her controversial tote. If there’s one thing we try to do is to be fair. So while you may not like the tote or Palin’s views, there are others who do.

    I ask that you be as tolerant of those TBFers as they were tolerant of our posts on Mrs. O.

  11. genghisbunny says

    I spite of others’ comments, I really appreciate you staying neutral on political issues.  Thanks for the good work!

  12. richardson says

    at least Mrs. O’s style isn’t promoting the unnecessary murder of an innocent animal. Mrs. O style isn’t offensive in any way. Mrs. Palin is also a very fashionable woman, but this particular item is just down right trashy and tasteless.

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