UPDATE: Read about Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker on Oprah

UPDATE: So far, you guys want the pictures to stay up. What I hope will happen is that Steve & Barry’s and TBF (as well as the other blogs who’ve posted the pictures) can reach some sort of agreement as to how to use the pictures, besides removing them for marketing purposes. I LIKE the store and don’t want to be “enemies” with the company.

We just received a letter (click below to read it) asking us to take down the photos of the Steve & Barry pictures. We didn’t take the photos from a password protected site (in fact they had already entered the public domain by the time we received the pictures). In fact, I knew about the line in Feb, but was asked, as a courtesy, not to post it (i posted it as a fashion blind item).

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Here’s why I think (and this is just my opinion) Steve & Barry’s wants the photos removed:
1. Your (the consumers) reaction to the line has been less than glowing. This scares Steve & Barry’s, which is why their pr folks have been posing as “readers”, posting comments on my blog and several other blogs. This is a MAJOR No-No, in the world of internet.

2. Steve & Barry’s promised an exclusive preview on the line, which is a pretty dumb pr mistake in this internet driven time, to several media outlets including Oprah and other long lead media outlets. It is from these folks- the ones they promised exclusivity to- that the pictures even leaked. Of course, these media outlets would only say glowing things about the line and not allow you, the consumer, to offer your opinion on the line. It’s called “controlling the message”, which is really about controlling your response to their product. 

So before I make decision regarding the pictures- I’m going to ask you, the readers, what should I do.  Should I remove them? Should I keep them? I will take them down only if you, the readers, feel like I should. My first priority is to you, not Steve & Barry’s. If you feel that removing the pictures will jeopardize the integrity of the site.. then the pictures stay and I will fight it. 

P.s. Steve and Barry, if you want someone to help you out.. it’s probably better to address them by their first name, instead of sending a form letter.

Read their lawyer’s letter below



To Whom It May Concern:
Good Morning, I am the Assistant General Counsel for Steve & Barry’s
asking you to please remove the images of the Bitten collection from the
above captioned website and any other site or link in your control that may
lead to these images.
These were wrongfully obtained from a password protected website, and are
not authorized for public
distribution.  I hope you understand, we’re a company that as a mission
looks out for our shoppers and the public at large. To keep our prices as
low as they are for merchandise of such high quality requires that we
don’t advertise.  We rely on mass publicity as our leading awareness
builder.  Having any images appear on the web prior to the launch of this
collection June seriously jeopardizes agreements we have in place with
global media outlets that have been promised first rights to show the
merchandise.  We absolutely want to work with you to provide information
and/or images that are unique and special to you and your audience as a
thank you for your cooperation.  As a first step, we will grant permission
to you to use the black/white image of Sarah Jessica Parker in a tshirt and
jean jacket.  But for now we are hoping you will cooperate with us and
remove all the other images.