Sarah Jessica Parker Bites Back at Bloggers About Her Line with Steve & Barry

UPDATE: Read about Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker on Oprah

I am a bit reluctant to post this, cause I really thought the issue was over,


My friend Sara Glassman, who is the style reporter and blogger for my hometown newspaper, The Minneapolis Star and Tribune, recently interviewed Sarah Jessica Parker while she was in Minneapolis promoting her perfume and slipped in a question regarding the blogworld’s reaction to her line at Steve and Barry’s. 

She posted SJP’s full, rather lengthly reply on her blog.  Here it goes:
“What’s interesting to know about a blogger, and I’m glad we live in a democracy and we can all have an opinion is that these clothes are not made for people in the fashion industry. These clothes are about people all over the country who don’t have access to really well made, affordable clothing. It’s wonderful that people in the fashion industry can borrow things, and have the money and the financial means, never mind the logistical access to clothes that are very fashionable and of the moment. What’s really important is that women in this country, really, really feel good about who they are and that we make things affordable and accessible. So there’s no criticism that a person can make about it. They don’t have to wear them. It’s really important that women in this country have an opportunity to have the things that all of us who do have the financial means can have. And that they should be really well made and they can fit in with their peer group, or they can feel good when they go to an interview and they can still pay their utilities and they can still take care of their children or buy a present for a friend. So criticism like that is negligible and it’s foolish.”

Two Facts:
1. Consumers didn’t respond well to the line.
2. SJP launched her line with an exclusive event for the fashion industry.
3. I’ve actually shop(ped) at Steve & Barry’s

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