Santa Suits: Recycle This

We will fully admit to searching for organic Santa suits online. And being disappointed… Maybe the green movement hasn’t quite reached the North Pole (although, hello, polar bears!) but it certainly should already. In the meantime we’ll have to buy our St. Nick suit used and hope the former Santa didn’t sweat a lot. But what to do when we’re finished with our holiday jollies?

We polled our friends and got lots of suggestions involving year-round costumes parties, but Josh Peterson over at Planet Green totally helped us out. Peterson has come up with not one, not two, but three reuses for Santa suits. Hooray! He’s our new hero.

Peterson not only tackles the “what to do with velvet” problem but finds a way to make use of every last fluffy fringe. Check out his awesome post to get the details about:

1. Pajamas
2. Making a Mrs. Clause Suit, and
3. Making Scarves.

Lots of fun to be had with the old red suit, but the best thing about Peterson’s post is that he’s totally on board with our re-gifting movement. Happy Ho-ho-ho-lidays!

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