San Antonio Sewage: Go Green

The good people of San Antonio are showing up their friends in Houston yet again with their new plan to utilize their citizen’s poop for cash and environmental gain. According to CNN, The San Antonio Water System is already sells some of the “biosolids” from the plant to use in compost in yards and gardens as well as making some money from their treated water. But they’re taking it one step further as they set up a system to capture the methane gas (up to 1.5 million cubic feet a day) and sell it to Massachusetts energy company, Ameresco. No word on if inspiration for this transaction came from their friends in Arizona with a bridgeto sell.

The very impressed chief operating officer at the water system, Stephen Clouse declared, “As far as we know, SAWS is the only city in the United States that has completed the renewable recyclable trifecta.” And the rest of the state has trouble sorting their recyclables! Way to go San Antonio, if we all took a page out of their resourceful book we could fix this whole ice cap melting/high gas prices/poison mercury levels in fish problem pronto!

Emphasizing the amount of natural gas that was formerly discarded and would now be re-used, Clouse explained, “That’s enough gas to fill seven commercial blimps or 1,250 tanker trucks each day.” Wow.

So, how about it Budget Eco readers? Short of recycling your own poo, what can YOU do to show the San Antonio water system they’re not the only creative environmentalists on the block? Bonus points if you’re from Houston

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