Sales Without Substance

There is nothing more disappointing than walking into a store with a huge sale sign in the window and finding nothing but a smattering of tops and bottoms in size 0. St. John’s Knits is notorious for having sales without substance. However, for every overpriced knits retailer, there are stores like Banana Republic, Bloomingdale’s and Target who have sales with enough substance to make you an excellent candidate for group intervention. It is for this reason, that Budget Fashionista’s visit these stores as often as the ATM.

Sales without substance are consistently present because marketers, like CEOs and the 1000s of Vice Presidents at a company, do not understand budget shopping because most do not shop. Studying shoppers and being a shopper is not the same thing. Shoppers are to marketers as athletes are to sport journalists. One watches and records the actions of the other.

In order to understand the drive of the “Find,” these corporate executives must become shoppers. Perhaps, if they took the Jane Goodall approach to shopping and became “Marketers in the Shopping Mist” there would be more sales with, instead of without, substance.

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    I LOVE your line about “corporate executives must become shoppers”. This is so true and does indeed affect how brands and even unique clothing stores online should think about their customers. Great article!

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