Sale on Glassware:

Evening Sun Footed Iced Tea Glass

The Deal: Buy 3 Get 1 Free Glassware at Use coupon code AFFGLASS.

The Lowdown: Buy juice glasses, wine glasses, margarita glasses, and, well, a few more types of glasses. With this sale, get a complete set of 4. All the glasses have sweet painted or etched designs like vines, leaves, flowers, and the like. We like the vintage feel of all these glasses, and the price too–highest is $6.99. Instead of the standard wine glasses, serve your Chardonnay in glasses that bring smiles to guests’ faces.

Check out some options:

The tea rose juice glass reminds us of lemonade or iced tea, served on a verandah on a summer’s day. $2.99.

Take a swim with the Beachcomber margarita glass, an appropriate option if you need glassware for a beach house, or if you’re just a fan of seahorses. $6.99.

The evening sun footed iced tea glass is our favorite because of its round base and shape. Also, we love sunflowers. $6.99.

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