Fashion for a Cause: Sage Bracelet

As every Budget Fashionista knows, there are many ways to make a little go a long way. Of course, when just getting by it’s always nice to get a little help from our friends. Which is exactly why founder, Elizabeth Fergileski, created the Sage Braid Movement – a “global friendship bracelet,” an initiative that goes beyond offering a helping hand to impoverished women.

With the goal of empowerment, Fergileski and her team seek to educate local businesses to create sustainable markets and communities so in turn they can provide jobs with pay that raises workers’ standard of living above $10 a day.

As a fan of all (and only) jewelry that means something, I am absolutely in love with the Sage Bracelet. Unisex, multi-color, comfortable yet totally stylish, this accessory is more than just a wrist wrap. If you want to participate in helping your fellow ladies, support the cause and donate via the Sage Bracelet kickstarter page.

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