With March 1st just a few days away, it may be time to start checking out your closet for more Spring-appropriate fashion items, like the ever-resilientruffled blouses. The Spring trend has come a long way, starting from the frilly Sunday dresses our mothers favored sartorially for us at that time, to the date night outfits our moms wish we would wear now. Time may have tempered the amount of (legally allowed as per the fashion police) ruffles on our clothes, but one thing’s for sure: the ruffles trend is here to stay, jumpstarting the Spring season with its signature romantic flair. Check out our favorite ruffled blouses on a budget from Bluefly.

Worried that the ruffles might be too overwhelming? Try them along the sleeves or at the bottom for a safer bet. Ruffles tend to emphasize the spots where they’re on, so wearing them in subtler, smaller trimmings will make your outfit seem less, uh, Shakespearean.

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