Rogan Gregory’s New Organic Line for Target: Green Fashion

Fans of Vogue-worthy design for a sum we mere mortals can dole out, prepare to rejoice. May 15 marks the day eco darling and Wintour-approved Rogan Gregory premieres the first organic line for GO International at Target.

Cotton growers spray almost 25 percent of the world’s pesticides on their deceptively untainted-looking crop, and buying organic helps decrease the inevitable environmental devastation these practices create. Constructed mostly from 100 percent organic cotton (with the merest splash of nylon, linen, and spandex), Gregory’s summer designs feature flirty hems and striped vests, button-up jumpers and animal prints – all for less than you’d spend on tax at Barney’s for the high-end organic denim he creates for his much-lauded Loomstate line. He also co-designs Edun with Bono and his wife, Ali Hewson, a line that fosters sustainable employment in Africa and other developing countries – meaning his green credentials are impeccable. (We presume his karma is also stellar – maybe some will rub off when you don his eco-friendly duds and counteract those speeding limits you’ve been leaving in the proverbial dust lately.)

While, Kathryn found the line to be, well, yawn inducing, we still have to applaud Target’s efforts to produce organic clothing that doesn’t look like it’s made from corn husks and hemp.

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