Rogan Gregory for Target: Yawn, Yawn, Yawn

Pictures of the new Go International line by American designer Rogan Gregory was just released. The line, which hits stores on May 18th, is well, totally utterly uninspiring. Seriously, totally, 100%, yawn-inducing, lets-take-a-nap-on-a-hammock, not-gonna-spend-my-$30s, boring.  So boring, that we’re only to show those six photos above, if you want to see the entire line, head here).

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  1. says

    olamina.. remember that few people of those people who’ve written about it have actually seen the line in person.

    The line isn’t bad… it’s boring.. I mean, we have plenty of lines that cover the basics and the purpose of Go was to suppose to bring high fashion to the masses. The line is very similar to somethin gyou would expect to see in Target’s Mossimo line

  2. olamina says

    Really? I keep hearing that. I think there are a lot of really good clean basics in this line. I like this a lot better than that unwearable Jovovich-Hawk line which appeared to be designed for only the wispiest among us.

  3. Roxy says

    I think I might convert to Express which is as TBF said once is notorious for their cheap fabrics, but even they are better at design

  4. says

    Wow, I’m with the Budget Fashionista on this one. I saw a couple of decent pieces here and there when looking at the entire collection, but I spent more time giggling at how they showed leopard-print short-shorts and a bikini bottom worn with heels! For reals?!

    I also wonder at how they put the “looks” together – the first outfit in the second row, above, takes a perfectly lovely model and makes her look schlumpy. C’mon, you don’t pair voluminous wide legged trousers with a voluminous shirt – give the poor girl a belt or something, please!

    Of the pieces I did like (as basics, as BF said), I would only buy them on sale. Snooze button.

  5. nefarious cupcake says

    I’m pretty disappointed. Although I have to say that I’m never blown out of the water by Target’s designer lines. This designer in particular seems to have chosen safe, boring and basic rather than take a few chances.

    On the good side however, I did like “look 17” on their site.

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