RoC Complete Lift & Deep Wrinkle Products

What: Angela fights fine lines with RoC Complete Lift Eye Pen, Complete Lift Daily Moisturizer, and Deep Wrinkle Filler.

The Lowdown: On principle, I rarely spend more than $10 on a beauty product of any kind, so looking at the price points on these RoC products made me skeptical. Nineteen bucks for an “eye pen”? Really? My Vaseline moisturizing routine has served me just fine thus far – and it’s only $2 a tub.

The daily moisturizer and eye pen contain “patent-pending PROTIENT® lifting & firming technology – a high-performance tightening agent” (I wasn’t aware that “technology” could be applied to my face, but ok) and the Deep Wrinkle Filler boasts “Retinol Correxion” (and the name makes me feel like I’ll be applying spackle, but I digress). I’m always hopeful for the kinds of results they promise — firmer tighter skin and less visible lines — but having been around the beauty product block a time or two, I had little expectation that these miracles of modern science would have much impact.

So you can imagine my surprise when, after three or four days of regular use, I looked in the mirror and realized my eyes actually looked, well, better. Less puffy. More rested. Dare I say, younger. After two weeks with the eye pen and wrinkle filler, I’m kinda hooked. I’m even to the point of rationalizing the $19 pricetag, particularly on my new best friend, the eye pen — I mean, it’s still under 20 bucks, and it actually works. I hate to think how much I’ve spent over the years on cheaper products that did zilch …

As for the moisturizer, I’m sure it probably performs its own small miracles on some skin types, but unfortunately it was waaaay too greasy for my generally oily skin — it felt more like a sun screen (it does contain SPF 30, which is a big plus). After three or four days, I had to discontinue my use lest I ruin my otherwise good results with an unsightly breakout.

The Verdict: Two Yeas for the eye pen alone, a Yea for the Wrinkle Filler, and, for me, a Nay on the moisturizer.

Buy It:, Walgreens, for around $19 each.

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