Some people camped out in 30 degree temperatures the night before. Some people hired publicists to get them an invite to the preview. Some people even tried to buy their way into the line. No I’m not talking about a Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert. I’m talking about the US premier of the Roberto Cavalli at H&M collection at the store’s 5th Avenue location in New York.

H&M Showcases Roberto Cavalli Line

A video from the opening of the collection at an H&M in Holland:

The line, which I first wrote about last spring, is full of everything you would expect from Cavalli- animal prints, silk, and sexy and shoppers lost their damn minds when the doors finally opened. People literally beat each other up over the animal printed silk dresses and some even resorted to taking clothing out of the arms of fellow shoppers.

Are the clothes worth the drama? Maybe, but my advice would be to ask friends who live outside of NYC to shop the collection for you.

Here’s an interesting video of Cavalli and H&M’s Head of Design discussing the line: