R.J. Graziano Jewelry at HSN: Adventures in Home Shopping

It still takes a little getting used to—well-known designers hawking their wares on the Home Shopping Network. It’s not that we’re not grateful, however—designer goods, in our price range, and as close as the click of a mouse. Fantastic.

And it’s not just clothing, but accessories too. Reeling in some quality fashion jewelry has been on our minds this week, and voila! R.J. Graziano’s line for HSN to the rescue. Since we’re in the business of spilling what we know, here are the picks we, er, took a shine to:

R.J. Graziano’s “Pop Rocks” triple tier drop earrings, $27.50.

R.J. Graziano’s “Blazing Bangles” two-piece metallic bangle set, $29.95

R.J. Graziano’s tortoise print bangle, $29.95

R.J. Graziano’s “Star Style” crystal star pin, $29.95

R.J. Graziano’s “Shine Time” graduated metallic bead necklace, $37.50

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