Fall Fashion Week Wrap Up: The Rise of the Fashion Blog


The biggest trend of the season isn’t related to fashion at all—in fact the biggest trend to come out of fashion week seems to be the rise of the blogger as a legitimate observer of fashion. When I first started blogging about my escapades from Fashion Week in 2003, I was like the only blogger in the crowd, now you have old heads like the Washington Post’s fashion writer, Robin Givhans, giving insightful comments on the week. 

I respect Robin Givhans for many reasons, she a brillant writer, she’s one of the few (and I mean FEW) women of color at the top of the fashion editorial game, and she’s gets front row seats at all the best shows. She’s also one of the few fashion week bloggers (along with the impressive newcomer Almost Girl and myself) willing to discuss the nasty truth about fashion week—that it has turned into a celeb free for all that has little to do with the actually clothes on the runway. Here’s her observation of the crowd waiting to get into the Baby Phat show:

“If you scan the crowd, you’ll notice that there aren’t a lot of editors from the mainstream fashion publications. They don’t come to this show anymore because it is well-known for being a chaotic mosh pit. And generally, the clothes are really, really bad.”

I love fashion. I really do. But now that fashion has become so linked to celebrities, it seems like the shows would be more at home as a part of VH1’s Celebreality than on Full Frontal Fashion.

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    I like this post a lot. I’m actually writing an article for a small mag on the rise of fashion bloggers, and wanted to know if I could ask you a couple of questions and use your quotes in the article. Thanks.

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