Under Rihanna’s Umbrella: Singer Partners with Totes for a Line of Umbrellas

What: Just what we needed, another celebrity line of … umbrellas? Singer Rihanna has teamed up with Totes to capitalize on her hot summer hit “Umbrella” with a line of the same name. Stop laughing and no we didn’t make this up.

What the fashion heads say:
From the New York Daily News: The 19-year-old Barbadian has partnered with Totes, a British company considered the daddy of rainwear and accessories. She has lent her name to five new products. They range in price from $14.99 – for a slender umbrella bearing her name – to $50 for a large, heavy-duty version.

What I say: This is about as uninteresting as a celebrity line gets, which isn’t saying much after Jessica Simpson’s swimsuit release. Functional however, and reasonably priced, so props for that, Rihanna. And really, with a song named after an everyday utilitarian object, did anyone think it wasn’t going to happen eventually?

Buy it: www.totes-isotoner.com

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  1. says

    Yes, when I heard about this I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – if I want a pink umbrella, I certainly don’t need or want it to say ‘Rihanna’ on it.  GAH.

  2. Xsyntriq says

    As much as I’d love a pink auto open/auto close brolly, I don’t particularly want one with someone else’s name on it. I did look at the other Rihanna designs and some of them are quite pretty (and don’t have the singer’s name thank heavens!). I’m particularly fond of the black with the hot-pink ruffle (although I wish it was hot-pink with a black ruffle) and I like the metallic and the two-color satin stick is quite lovely (although that $50 price tag is totally bananas). I like the idea but I think they could have done much better with the selection and picked some really original and carib-cool designs.

  3. christal says

    I saw this 2 weeks ago and I was hoping it was a rumor and not true.  I like the song and Rihanna but an umbrella line is ridiculous.

  4. Shopsista01 says

    If the lyrics of the song “You Can Stand Under My Umbrella” was on a larger umbrella, I would buy it.  Just to have Rhianna’s name, uhh, nope, not enough reason to purchase.

  5. velouria73 says

    This doesn’t bug me as much as other celebrity lines for some reason. It doesn’t sound like they’re saying she designed the umbrellas herself, so it seems more like a marketing thing. I think I like the idea because it sounds like something she could sell at a concert, so it seems like band merch a little. And I am a sucker for cool band merch.

    I wouldn’t want one with her name on it, but if I really liked a non-logoed one, it wouldn’t stop me from buying it just because she was involved.

  6. crystal says

    umbrella ella ella e-e-e-e-e-e-h………….honestly…i think it is retarded yet cool at the same time

  7. buffy says

    umm…pink umbrella, very cute! However, Rhianna written on it, i wouldn’t cary it unless she paid me! Get real celebs, unless your perfume smells great, your clothes are of fashion quality stick to your night club gigs!
    LAMB is great, but her prices are a bit pricey for a sweat suit..and clebrities are always saying how they want to make the average person feel sexy, look sexy(clip in extensions just to get your stylist known)why don’t they make it affordable!!!
    It is sad that out society runs to have what the rich, famous, glamorous, socialites show off. Please realize that they are paid to wear, or carry that purse,play on that sidekick, etc, so we spend our paycheck to “fit in”
    Ladies, please realize that fashion, and beauty are important, but remember you have a future and if you spend all your money chasing “must haves” you will be 50 with your “must haves” and no money to live life, so be smart, and realize that Hollywood is propaganda!!! Think about it:)))

    Just my thoughts…but I was wise for a few years and now at 28 I am retired:))

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