Under Rihanna’s Umbrella: Singer Partners with Totes for a Line of Umbrellas

What: Just what we needed, another celebrity line of … umbrellas? Singer Rihanna has teamed up with Totes to capitalize on her hot summer hit “Umbrella” with a line of the same name. Stop laughing and no we didn’t make this up.

What the fashion heads say:
From the New York Daily News: The 19-year-old Barbadian has partnered with Totes, a British company considered the daddy of rainwear and accessories. She has lent her name to five new products. They range in price from $14.99 – for a slender umbrella bearing her name – to $50 for a large, heavy-duty version.

What I say: This is about as uninteresting as a celebrity line gets, which isn’t saying much after Jessica Simpson’s swimsuit release. Functional however, and reasonably priced, so props for that, Rihanna. And really, with a song named after an everyday utilitarian object, did anyone think it wasn’t going to happen eventually?

Buy it: www.totes-isotoner.com