Ribbon Box: DIY

We’ve used ribbons in DIYs before–they’re so versatile and cheerful, they’re hard to resist. In this particular ribbon box project, the DIY Network utilized their mad embroidery skills — since we lack said skills, we gave the ribbon box a go using other tools and our resourcefulness. In the end, we kind of liked the ribbon box because of all the exciting choices we had to make. What kind of box are we starting with? What color are we painting the box? Which ribbons will we use to embellish the box? Oh boy — here we go . . .

DIY Ribbon Box Tutorial

Our supplies:
Round wooden box
Acrylic paint, any color
Heavy duty scissors
Screwdriver with a sharp point
Spray adhesive


How we did it:

1. Use the acrylic paint to coat your box with color (we chose red). Let dry.
2. Take the top off and place top-down on a flat surface. Twist a hole in the center of the cover using the tip of the scissors or the screwdriver. Make sure the hole is wide enough to thread through the ribbon a few times.
3. We used two ribbons: a thicker, braided one and another made of plastic, gold gemstones. Take your ribbons and poke it through the hole starting from the inside of the cover. Cut off the excess and glue the ribbon. Hold down the ribbon for a few moments. Repeat four times to create a cross.

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