Revlon’s Scented Nail Polish Has Jennifer Smelling Her Fingertips All Day

Not so Blueberry
Color: Shimmery, silvery purple with an icy blue undertone.

Scent: So what’s the deal? The “not so” part of the name threw us off; would this be blueberry- scented or not-so-blueberry-scented? Would it be some kind of oddball surprise and end up smelling like sauerkraut or something?

Thoughts: Turns out, it had more of a very subtle grape(ish) scent than anything blueberry—more of what we expected from Grape Icy. We did like the cool, shimmery color a lot. But the scent?
Not so much.

Color: Light golden/sunny yellow.

Scent: Next to Raspberry Rapture, this one was a huge favorite of ours. Here we thought this might be a sister scent to Ocean Breeze—a fragrance open to interpretation that ultimately ends up being too powerful and in some ways, a bit unsettling. What a great surprise then, to be greeted by the wonderfully pleasant scent of suntan lotion. We absolutely love this.

Thoughts: A beach getaway was only a thumbnail-smell away. Stressed in a meeting? Smell the nail. Bored at a red light? Smell the nail. Beach, baby!

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  1. AJ says

    I have and frankly it made me kind of nauseous as anytime I brought my towards my face after the novelty wore off — also it was really weird to eat with scented nail polish on your fingers

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