Revlon’s Scented Nail Polish Has Jennifer Smelling Her Fingertips All Day


Ocean Breeze
Color: Icy, seafoam blue

Scent: We’re always fascinated with scents open to interpretation. Raspberry and cherry are obvious, but really, precisely what does an ocean breeze smell like? Depending on where you live, it could be either coconut dreaminess or landfill odors that waft your way. Hmmm. Not that we expected grossness to greet our nostrils with this particular polish—it just got us thinking. But we digress.

Thoughts: This fragrance was very crisp, almost like linens on the clothesline. It was however, quite overpowering in that concentrated laundry detergent way. Ocean breeze was a struggle for us–on one hand it was pleasantly perfumy, on the other hand, it was reminiscent of similarly-scented bathroom sprays. For that reason, this one was as enjoyable as it was vaguely disturbing.
Surprisingly, as strong and powerful as this one was, its scent faded the fastest of the eight we reviewed: within 12 hours, the fragrance breezed on by.

Raspberry Rapture
Color: Why raspberry, of course!

Scent: With such a dramatic word like “rapture” as part of its name, we knew this one was going to blow our minds. Did it?

You bet.

No sooner was it on our nails when the craving to hit the grocery store’s fruit department kicked in. We could even download Prince’s Raspberry Beret for the ride there! Yes! Point is, we wanted raspberries and we wanted them now…all because of this amazing nail polish.

Thoughts: This smelled so incredibly good that a serious case of “mine, all mine” behavior kicked in; no one but the Wearer of the Rapture dare put their flared nostrils within five feet of our hands. You want your own? Go get it. (We say that with our nicest, most sincere smile. Ahem). Seriously, you’ll want to keep every bit of that raspberry rapture to yourself.

The best part of all? Our nails smelled like raspberry goodness for three days—yes, THREE FULL DAYS—after its first and only application. Heaven.

Orange Pop
Color: A sunny orange/coral hue.

Scent: Orange Pop’s scent was as if we stuck our fingertips into a tub or orange Creamsicle ice cream and after a few minutes, they emerged as 10 perfectly-coated, perfectly-smelling nails (minus any numbness or stickiness one might experience if one chose to actually do something so insane).

Thoughts: This was an entire box of orange Creamsicle pops disguised as a bottle of nail polish. Definitely one to try.

Grape Icy
Color: Light purple/lilac.

Scent: One look at the bright purple shade and we just knew it would be a
head-turning, bold-smelling hue. Wrong.

Thoughts: What’s that they say about judging a book (or nail polish bottle) by its cover? While this color was very pretty, its shade was much, much lighter than expected, and it didn’t quite deliver in the scent department either. There was undoubtedly a grape scent, but like that of a very watered- down ice pop. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t all that grape either (hey, a little humor to lighten the mood).

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  1. AJ says

    I have and frankly it made me kind of nauseous as anytime I brought my towards my face after the novelty wore off — also it was really weird to eat with scented nail polish on your fingers

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