Revlon Cuticle Moisture Cream

What: Robin attempts to spruce up her nails with Revlon Cuticle Moisture Cream, $7.99.

The Lowdown: I wish I had more time for weekly manicures, but I don’t. (Truth is, I have two young kids and I’m lucky when I can snag a morning shower without a whining audience.) When it comes to my nails, they’ve always been pathetic looking—short, thin, surrounded by ugly cuticles and the occasional hangnail. Enter Revlon’s Cuticle Moisture Cream, which comes in a container small enough to keep in your purse. The packaging claims a unique Protanical complex that features a blend of essential oils, vitamins and advanced ingredients to help strengthen, condition and shield nails from daily stress. The cream, is light, fluffy and not greasy, with a refreshing lemon mandarin sage scent that smells like something out of a spa. After applying the cream to my nails a couple times a day for a week, I truly think my nails look so much better. I’m happy! Maybe my next career will be as a hand model . . .

Yea or Nay: Yea. It’s the quickest nail fix around.

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