Dove Cool Moisture, about $4 for 12 oz.

What: Angela lathers up with Dove’s Cool Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

The Lowdown: Here’s my confession: I’m a shampoo addict. Being someone with hair that will never be featured in a shampoo commercial, I’m on a constant quest to find products that will produce some kind of hair magic. While Dove’s Cool Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner may not necessarily make my locks TV-worthy, the line did become one of my new favorites.

The bottle claims that hair will be left feeling clean and revitalized, and it was; the conditioner wasn’t too heavy, and left my hair soft but not weighed down. Not magic, but close enough. And the fragrance, cucumber and green tea, is a winner too.

Yea or Nay: Yea for both shampoo and conditioner, and for about $4 apiece, they’re a bargain to boot.

Buy It: @ Walgreens, WalMart,, your local drugstore

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