Diesel Fuel for Life eau de parfum, $49.50

What: Angela tests Diesel’s much-hyped new perfume, Fuel for Life, $49.50 for 50 ml.

The Lowdown: First, the name – there’s a por homme version, and “Fuel for Life” suits the guys much better. Second, the bottle is fussy – so fussy, in fact, that it’s dressed in a “revealing stylish gown” (their words, not mine). This so-called stylish gown is a crocheted, off-white stretchy sleeve. Strike two.

But what about the fragrance? I’d love to say it overcame the packaging, but only partially so. Boasting black current, patchouli, and jasmine, Fuel for Life starts out a bit overwhelming (fruity and sweet), easing up to a reasonably pleasant but wholly unremarkable but feminine scent.

Yea or Nay: It’s a slightly-bored nay – it’s not terrible, but there are better ways, my fashionable friends, to spend 50 bucks.

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