Boots Wonderbalm, $8.99 for .84 fl. oz.

What: Angela gives Boots Meditteranean Olive, Almond & Sage Wonderbalm a whirl.

The Lowdown: The name is a mouthful, especially for such an unassuming product in a little bitty tub—one wonders if it could possibly live up to it. Boots, of course, is a huge beauty brand in Britain that made its way across the pond earlier this year. I, for one, am very glad it did, as this balm is really a great find.

Made from organic ingredients blended to provide dry-skin relief, it’s perfect for smoothing on those small areas we all have trouble with—knees, elbows. Heels. Lips. And, my favorite, cuticles—having long battled unfortunate cuticle problems, I’ve found that just a few days of smoothing Boots Wonderbalm along those rough edges has made a huge difference.

Yea or Nay: For the cuticles alone, a Yea, and the rest is just icing on the cake.

Buy It: @ Target, $8.99 for .84 fl. oz., which actually goes a long way.

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