Reuse Your Plastic Bags: Green Tip

Every time we go shopping the last question we asked when making our final purchases is, paper or plastic?  Since being asked this question over and over again, I’ve built up an extensive collection of plastic bags that seems to be more like a mountain.  There are actually very practical uses for these grocery bags that will not only save you money at home, but also help reduce our local landfills.

Trash Liners

One perfect use for your plastic bags, is as trash bin liners.  Most small trash cans can hold these store plastic bags and be used contain trash.  Keeping one in your car is also a great way to keep garbage from spreading around your car.

As a Container

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw trash away in these plastic bags either.  Plastic bags are also great holders for old toilet paper rolls, or why not even more plastic bags?  Stores use them to hold groceries and so we can further make use of its holding ability to hold toys, pencils, anything you can imagine.

Before just throwing those bags away, trying capitalizing on their holding capacity and reuse them instead of spending more on trash bags.

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